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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is FLASH?

FLASH is a web based solution that automates the conversion of your Salesforce Classic assets (Visualforce pages) to Lightning components.

How do I use FLASH?

It's lightning fast, so try come up to speed.

You login with your Salesforce Credentials (SSL secured) on the FLASH portal (we will give you the link after you subscribe); Select a Visualforce page from the list of Visualforce pages of your instance that you've logged in from; Click on Convert; then see the magic of FLASH happen! Post which you can either copy the Lightning components or directly deploy to your Salesforce instance.

What happens with my Salesforce Credentials?

FLASH never stores your credentials; You would be redirected to the domain where you can securely authenticate yourself.

Does FLASH store any of my Salesforce Instance data or Personal data?

No, FLASH does not store any of these information.

I am trying to login on the FLASH portal, but I receive an error message saying,"You've not been subscribed", what does it means?

If your organization has not subscribed to FLASH, you will receive the above message.

Please contact flash at for more details and subscription.

What browsers does FLASH support?

FLASH supports all the latest browser versions, we highly recommend you to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari.

What are the Terms of Service?

They are available here.

Do you have any other questions/bugs/feature requests?

Feel free to email us at flat at